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Today’s post is part of a chain gang where bloggers share their thoughts on a theme.  The current theme is financial mistakes and was started by Chronicles of a Father with Cents and A Journey to FI. The JumpStarts have made plenty of mistakes along the way, so here is the story of my most recent financial blunder.

As teachers there is no point in trying to negotiate a higher salary.  Whether you earn a below average evaluation or a great evaluation, you’ll take one step up on the pay scale next year, along with everyone else.

There are 2 paths to more money.  One is through doing extra jobs including cooking meth “Breaking Bad” style soccer coach, department head, and yearbook sponsor.  The second is through higher education by earning 15 hours above your bachelor’s, a master’s degree, or doctorate degree.

Teachers must renew their licenses every 5 years.  Options for renewal include classes, training student teachers, writing a book, and other professional development.

Over the years, I’ve taken an assortment of classes along with other professional development to maintain my teaching license.

Mrs. JumpStart is up for license renewal this year, and I am due for renewal in 2020.  We were reviewing our records and planning our strategy.  If I am going to take a class, I should try to get above the 15 hours and earn an extra 600$ per year.

Do you see the Blunder yet?

That’s right the freaking table says 12 hours, not 15 hours!!!  In the city, the teacher raise was for 15 hours, but I now work for the county!!!


I’ve been eligible for an extra 600$ for 2 years.  Transcripts for the classes were already on file at central office.  After filling out a form that basically asked for my name, I am eligible for my pay raise next contract.

$600 per year times 7 years is $4200 before retirement just for waking up, and filling out a simple form.

I prefer to think of the extra $4200.  Thinking about the lost $1200 makes me have crazy thoughts, like planning to stick-up the school store.


Financial Mistakes: The Official Chain Gang.

Thanks to Chronicles of a Father with Cents and A Journey to FI for anchoring the chain.

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