And the actual college decision is _________.

This post will not make much sense without reading the “College decision!!! Almost made.” post and yesterday’s April Fools’ Day “And the decision is ___________  “post.


We arrived in Vegas ready for our destiny, found a roulette wheel, and put 5,000 dollars on my lucky number 13.  The ball went round and round until it landed on number 4.  5 grand gone, and $15k left.

JumpStart Jr. picked 18, but the roulette ball landed on 7.  10 grand gone and $10k left.  Not a big deal. It can’t be that much money, because it won’t even pay for one lousy semester at most colleges.

We went to JumpStartfromScratch comments for the 3rd spin, and number 4 was a popular recommendation, but the ball landed on my lucky number 13.  I believe I may have had a small aneurysm at that point, but somehow I played it cool.

Last bet and I just couldn’t bet my last $5k.  I wimped out, and only bet $4000 on #1 number based on other JumpStart reader recommendations. My second aneurysm was a little larger when #13 hit a second time in a row.  It is fortunate that I grew up in the 80’s, and learned how to walk off injuries.

Only a grand left.  Anyway it turns out that Poker really is my game. I sat down at the Texas hold’em table, caught a few lucky river cards, and 2 hours later I had my original $20k back.

Back to the Truth Start

It is strange, because at this point, it was like April Fools’ Day never happened. (Based on my site traffic yesterday, I am considering a blog based on fiction and lies, rather than my experiences, advice, and opinions.)

We were back in Roanoke, with our original money, in the original situation, and JumpStart Jr. had the same college decision in front of him.

The only update to the chart is the Va Tech loan column has final numbers.

And the winner actually is

Radford University!!!

At 10,000 students, RU was not too big, and not too small.  A beautiful campus with incredible new buildings like the rec center and science building won Jr. over.  The dorm rooms were nice, and the food looked great.  RU offers the right program of study, and it appears dual enrollment courses will transfer.  Money was a factor, but the warm students and feel of campus helped JumpStart Jr. make his decision.

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  1. Glad to hear the real decision! It looks like a wise one from both a financial and an experience perspective. I’m going to be creating my own Excel charts breaking down the financial picture relatively soon for my oldest son (eek).

  2. Congrats on getting the decision made! What’s the chosen field of study? Honestly I’ve found a good internship a bigger driver of immediate after post college success then choice of schools, so long as your not attending something even slightly respectable. It sounds like he made a good choice.

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