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2016/17 School year (college looming)


Mission statement/goals

Decision to Blog

Financial Snapshot Nov 2016

How we bought a beach townhouse

My thoughts about FAFSA after my first filing

Our first summer at our beach house.

Pay 2.75% convenience fee on my college tuition bill?  An extra 275$ on top of the original 10 grand.  Sounds great.  I’ll take it.  Thank you.

Turning our beach house from a not-too-bad expense into a money-maker.

First week of JumpStart from Scratch is on the Books.

Credit score for a 17 year old?


Our credit card story. The history of JumpStart credit.

Record breaking blog hits. (My record after 15 days)

Think of all the money you’ll save once they’re in college.

First month of blogging stats.

Can a student earn too much, and lose financial aid?

Quick, Easy, Car-free, Cheap Trip from Roanoke to Alexandria on the Train.

Progress Report. New Years. Senior Year.


Riding the Southwest Airlines Roller Coaster

Planning our free Spring Break trip to Fort Lauderdale.

Guaranteed in-season month to enjoy your rental vacation property.

Cost of college represented by Jenga blocks.

250$ Birthday Present from Wells Fargo.


Tax Break Gap for Parents of High School Seniors.

Choosing a College

Depressing Post: You probably shouldn’t even read it.

First Credit Card: Target Acquired

Random updates. Feb of senior year in high school and just turned 18.



Crazy idea to save or profit on college housing.

Do chips make credit cards safer?

Dual Teacher Money Cycle.

JumpStart Logo update.

College decision!!! Almost made.

Keeping my Alaskan Airline miles alive.

Analyzing bonus credit card offers.


And the college decision is ______.

And the actual college decision is _________.

JumpStart is JumpStalled

What’s One More Kid?

 JumpStart from Scratch is Back in the Game.

Help Me Name My Daughter

My Daughter’s New Name Revealed

Spring Break Fort Lauderdale Trip Report (travel portion)

Fort Lauderdale Trip Report (Hotel, food, and activities)


A Credit Score is Born:  Starting Score for an 18 Year old.

Is Discover it for Students the best Discover card?

JumpStart From Scratch Progress Snapshot: 18 years and 3 months.

Preparing for college tuition payment by applying for credit cards.  Smart plan?

Personal Finance Lesson for HS Seniors, Days away from Graduation.

Review: Roanoke’s New Zagster Bike Share Program.


Zagster Bike Share Questions Answered.

Credit Card Aps in Preparation for our First Tuition Bill.

Calendar instead of a to-do list.

Can Victoria’s Secret Help Your Credit Score.


The Biggest Bill I Ever Got.

5 Tips for Those Who Want to be Taken Seriously When Searching for an Apartment Online.

Progress Snapshot: JumpStart Jack 18 years 6 months.

2017/18 School year (Year 1 of 7 with a kid in college)

2018 Summer Vacation Planning is Underway.


Examining the Games Colleges Play with Meal Plan Pricing.

New AMEX Promotion is Especially Beneficial for Teen Children.

Second FAFSA Coming

Are Dual/AP Classes Worth it?


FAFSA #2 Filed

Paying for College with Credit Cards.

25 Thoughts I’ve had after learning to Travel Hack with Credit Cards.

Recent Financial Blunder

Things we Whine about and Why we Should Stop.


JumpStart Bloggoversary


High School Graduates Net Worth Cartoon

200$ opportunity

Status Check JS Jack 18 Year 9 Month

My Favorite Dangerous Things:

Bell Ringer: If I Taught Personal Finance in High School

Thanksgiving Blogging Tip

Jealous of the Millennials: Sometimes.

Build a Credit Score from Scratch.

Just Not Gonna Pay for That.


Hack the FAFSA.

Car Negotiation Story.

Save for Both College and Retirement.

2018/19 School year (Year 2 of 7 with a kid in college)

2019/20 School year (Year 3 of 7 with a kid in college)

2020/21 School year (Year 4 of 7 with a kid 2 kids in college)

2021/22 School year (Year 5 of 7 with a kid in college)

2022/23 School year (Year 6 of 7 with a kid in college)

2023/24 School year (Year 7 of 7 with a kid in college)