Bell Ringer: If I Taught Personal Finance in High School

Complaints about the lack of personal finance education in schools is a common theme of personal finance blogs.  I frequently imagine my lessons if I taught a PF class, with complete control of the curriculum.  Occasionally, I’ll poll my seniors to judge their understanding or thoughts on PF topics. The kids do pretty well on vocabulary and basic concepts, thanks to our school’s required PF class.  However, I believe the class could be enhanced if they pondered life style choices the way all my blogging friends ponder everything.  There are quite a few blog posts I’d have them read instead of the PF text book.

If I taught the class, a major component would be examining advertising and “deals”.  A “bell ringer” is a quick 5 minute lesson to start a class.  The following image on Yahoo caught my eye yesterday.

It would be the perfect Bell Ringer If I taught personal finance in high school.


If I click the link, I wonder who they would recommend I refinance my mortgage with?

What are the odds that they’d recommend the company that sponsored that ad?

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  1. Looks like a site that’s going to pull quotes from a bunch of different lenders. I think the IRL lessons–the applicable ones–are so much more memorable than the ones pulled from a textbook.

    • Maybe you are right, and it will pull a bunch of legit quotes, but I am a suspicious person.
      In my mind, the sponsor either is the lender that will get recommended, or the lender paid the sponsor to recommend the lender.
      I never even clicked the link. There are probably legit sites as well as bogus sites out there.

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