25 Thoughts I’ve had after Learning to Travel Hack with Credit Cards.

In Feb 2013, my beach real estate purchase fell apart, and I was frustrated.  I wanted to spend a big chunk of the summer at the beach, and I began scouring the internet for cheap travel options. Luckily, I discovered Frugal Travel Guy.  FTG lead me to posts by Frequent Miler, The Points Guy, Travel […]

Paying for College with Credit Cards.

Sometime in December, we’ll get our second biggest bill ever, when Radford University sends out their spring semester bills. In the JumpStart household, that means it is credit card application time. I want to make it clear, that we are not borrowing money, with credit cards, to pay tuition.  The cash is already in our […]

FAFSA #2 Filed

After 45 minutes of work, my second FAFSA is filed.  Based on some Facebook threads, there are some extremely panicked parents, but is really just isn’t that tough. The FAFSA generates an EFC (Expected Family Contribution) that will be sent to my Radford University.  Radford will use this number to prepare a financial aid package […]

Are Dual/AP Classes Worth it?

Options for high school classes have skyrocketed over the years, and now feature dual enrollment and AP classes.  In our school system, the price for dual enrollment credits has bounced around over the years.  AP test fees are lower, but 94$ for a test the student might fail could be considered a gamble.  I’ve spent […]

Second FAFSA Coming

My Thoughts on the Looming FAFSA #2. Last September, my son JumpStart Jack was a senior in high school, and I was about to file FAFSA for the first time.  I was pretty clueless about the process, but I have learned a lot, and it will be a different experience this time.  The FAFSA website […]