pay for college

Save for both college and retirement.

New parents who want to send a child to college, and also retire one day? This method will put away $94,000 for college, and is likely to add a bonus $50,000 or more for retirement. The 2 keys to save for both college and retirement are: an early start. the Roth IRA. This method works […]

Teacher Pension Case Study: by Actuaryonfire.

There is some good news.  My biology degree and teacher license hardly qualifies me to examine my pension, and I wasn’t the guy to do this analysis. Actuaryonfire’s day job is as an actuary (compiles and analyzes statistics, and uses them to calculate insurance risks and premiums).  He is one of my favorite bloggers, and […]

Sankey Diagram Chain Gang

I spotted my first Sankey diagram on Othalafehu’s site, and was immediately intrigued by the simple representation of money flowing into and out of their household. Apparently Sankeys are the new thing, and recently I’ve seen a bunch of them, in many places.  Some use yearly numbers, while others are monthly.  There are Sankeys with […]

car negotiation story

Car Negotiation Story.

We made one of those really big purchases today, and spent about a month of our income, all in one shot, on a 2013 Honda Civic.  People buy cars all the time, but here is the JumpStart car negotiation story. The JumpStarts have had 2 cars for 2 drivers for a several months now.  Our […]

hack the FAFSA

Hack the FAFSA: Lower your EFC: Get College Financial Aid.

The FAFSA is a government form that students complete in order to get financial aid.  The FAFSA creates an EFC (Expected Family Contribution) which is the dollar amount sent to colleges. Colleges use the EFC to create financial aid packages.  High EFC’s result in weak need-based offers, and a low EFC demonstrates need which can […]