JumpStart From Scratch Progress Snapshot: 18 years and 6 months.

  College Progress. Semester 1 is paid for, and my son JS Jack will move into the dorm next week.  The tuition was paid with a combination of 3 different credit cards and a personal check.  The credit cards incurred a convenience fee, but they also hit spending amounts that triggered 3 bonuses. Earning cashback […]

The Biggest Bill I Ever Got.

The biggest bill I ever got arrived a couple days ago. There have been some big monetary transactions in my past.  Large checks for down payments on cars and houses.  I’ve cycled tens of thousands of dollars through credit cards to earn rewards.  I’ve made large purchases at Lowes and Ideal Lumber during home renovations. […]

Can Victoria’s Secret Help Your Credit Score?

It’s tough to tell which internet advice is correct, but I have read that having different types of accounts help credit scores. My son JumpStart Jack isn’t getting a mortgage any time soon.  There isn’t a car loan on JS Jack’s Volvo because it was rolling off the assembly line, about the time he was […]

Calendar instead of To-do List

“Instead of to-do lists, schedule tasks on your calendar.” I read this advice several weeks ago, and must apologize to the blogger, because I can’t remember where I read it. To-do lists have been a strategy of mine as long as I can remember.  I decided to give the strategy a try, and used excel to […]