not gonna pay for that

I’m just not gonna pay for that.

Sometimes stubbornness takes over, and I just refuse to pay for something. Myrtle Beach parking is a recent example. I’m just not gonna pay for that. Until 2016, the stretch of beach known as the Golden Mile, was a free parking paradise. A hotel-free, stretch of beachfront houses with free street parking had existed for […]

Guaranteed in-season month to enjoy your rental vacation property.

The 10, 11, or 12 month rental method. My landlord experience is limited to one Myrtle Beach property that we purchased in May of 2013. It is by no means a fabulous expensive house with ocean views.  It is a 3 bedroom townhouse, less than half a mile from the sand, that we bought for […]

buying a beach house for rental income

Buying a Beach House for Rental Income.

Part 1: How a couple of teachers bought a beach house. Part 2: Our first summer at our beach house. As the process began we never had the intention of buying a beach house for rental income, but after our purchase in 2013, the pieces came together. Our townhouse purchase gave us a wonderful summer.  […]

Our first summer at our beach house.

Part 1:  How did a couple of teachers get a beach house? First long weekend trip. We closed on the townhouse by mail around the middle of May 2013.  It was strange owning a property and not going inside for 10 days.  We were excited about our first summer at our beach house.  Our first […]

Buy a beach house on a teacher salary? We did it.

Is it possible for a teacher to buy a beach house?  My wife and I are both teacher,s and in May of 2013 we bought a townhouse in Myrtle Beach.  People are often surprised when I talk about our beach house.  It sounds like that would be an unreasonable expense, or require a huge inheritance, […]