2018 Goals

JumpStartfromScratch Blog Goals 2018

I’ve never paid full attention while being lectured how to taught to create SMART goals, but I have some goals for this year.  Many of the goals aren’t ideal, because I’m not in control of them, and they depend on the actions of other people.  But, whatever.  I plan on all of this stuff happening […]

Sankey Diagram Chain Gang

I spotted my first Sankey diagram on Othalafehu’s site, and was immediately intrigued by the simple representation of money flowing into and out of their household. Apparently Sankeys are the new thing, and recently I’ve seen a bunch of them, in many places.  Some use yearly numbers, while others are monthly.  There are Sankeys with […]

Thanksgiving blogging tip

Thanksgiving Blogging Tip

I’m worried my title sounds arrogant considering I only have one year of blogging experience, but I’m going to give my Thanksgiving blogging tip anyway. JumpStart Thanksgiving Blogging Tip. Keep a list of instances when other bloggers helped you out.  Open up a word file, spreadsheet, or notepad, and begin adding names and good deeds […]


Recently I read Pete’s post “9 Game-Changing Takeaways from Fincon 2017” on his site doyouevenblog.com.  Pete gave credit to Darren Rowse, who inspired him with a keynote speech at Fincon 2017. Pete’s first takeaway actually did feel like the game-changer he promised. The first takeaway labelled “Sell the Transformation” required answers to 2 important questions: What product […]

JumpStart First Bloggoversary.

JumpStart from scratch was born from panic anticipation about my son JumpStart Jack graduating and transitioning to a young adult. While researching college, I found holes in the process.  All the information felt generic, and so vague that I couldn’t apply it to our own dual teacher 2 kid situation.  I wanted the numbers and […]