Cred cards for an 18 year old

How Many Credit Cards can an Eighteen Year Old Student Get?

My teen-age son, JumpStart Jack, recently added two more credit cards to his collection.  They will be his final cards before his 19th birthday next month.  How many credit cards can an eighteen year old student get? Cards before age 18. Jack got his first couple of cards at age 16, but due to restrictions […]

Mr. JumpStart and family

Why We Travel Hack.

The JumpStart family works hard to achieve high credit scores, but it isn’t about borrowing money. Our mortgages are a few years old, and have pretty low rates.  I just bought a car without a credit pull, because I paid cash.  We declined the Stafford loans offered for my son’s tuition. Our family wants a high […]

building a credit score from scratch

How to Build a Credit Score from Scratch. A guide for 18-year-olds.

About to graduate high school? Recently began college? Want to help your teenage kid? How can you get credit, when you’ve never had credit before? If you need advice on fixing bad credit, this isn’t the right guide. If you don’t have a score, or have never checked your score, this is your step by […]

Dangerous things credit cards

My Favorite Dangerous Things:

My Favorite Dangerous Things: Fire, knives, nail guns, cars, and credit cards. These are a few of my favorite dangerous things, and they all have something in common, besides the danger.  A caring person took the time to teach me how to use all of these wonderful dangerous things. Fire. As kids we’re told “Don’t play […]

25 Thoughts I’ve had after Learning to Travel Hack with Credit Cards.

In Feb 2013, my beach real estate purchase fell apart, and I was frustrated.  I wanted to spend a big chunk of the summer at the beach, and I began scouring the internet for cheap travel options. Luckily, I discovered Frugal Travel Guy.  FTG lead me to posts by Frequent Miler, The Points Guy, Travel […]