Cred cards for an 18 year old

How Many Credit Cards can an Eighteen Year Old Student Get?

My teen-age son, JumpStart Jack, recently added two more credit cards to his collection.  They will be his final cards before his 19th birthday next month.  How many credit cards can an eighteen year old student get? Cards before age 18. Jack got his first couple of cards at age 16, but due to restrictions […]

building a credit score from scratch

How to Build a Credit Score from Scratch. A guide for 18-year-olds.

About to graduate high school? Recently began college? Want to help your teenage kid? How can you get credit, when you’ve never had credit before? If you need advice on fixing bad credit, this isn’t the right guide. If you don’t have a score, or have never checked your score, this is your step by […]

Status Check JS Jack 18 Year 9 Month

It’s time to check on JumpStart Jack’s progress, at age 18 years and 9 months. Classes My son is close to finishing up his first semester at Radford. Registration for spring 2018 classes happened this week.  Jack will end his first semester with 46 credit hours, and after his newly selected schedule, he will have […]

New AMEX Promotion is Especially Beneficial for Teen Children.

No e-mails ever came, but Frequent Miler’s post alerted me to the AMEX promotion. If you have an AMEX Starwood card, use this link here to check if you are eligible. Mrs. JumpStart and I followed the link and were both eligible.  We both input our 15 year old daughter JumpStart Jill’s info.  The form […]

A Credit Score is Born: Starting Score for an 18 Year old.

USAA New information recently popped up in my son, JumpStart Jack’s, USAA account. JS Jack’s credit tile had displayed the invalid credit score of 4 since his 18th birthday.  Credit scores range from 300 to 850, but googling led to no reliable information about what to expect from the first credit score for an 18 year […]