Fort Lauderdale

Snow day leads to personal day off in sunny Fort Lauderdale.

We’ve had some frigid weather here, but hardly any snow.  The cold caused several weird “snow days” off due to low temperatures and black ice. Snow days will always be a source of pure joy for teachers. It is such a beautiful moment when all the cell phones start ringing, and you hear Chuck’s voice […]


Train Trip from Roanoke to New York City

Roanoke has been filled with excitement over the new Amtrak train station opening. Mrs. JumpStart, JS Jill, her friend, and I took a quick train trip from Roanoke to New York City, at Christmas time. Departure. After waking up a little before 6 AM, JumpStart Jack dropped us off after the 5 minute drive downtown, […]

Mr. JumpStart and family

Why We Travel Hack.

The JumpStart family works hard to achieve high credit scores, but it isn’t about borrowing money. Our mortgages are a few years old, and have pretty low rates.  I just bought a car without a credit pull, because I paid cash.  We declined the Stafford loans offered for my son’s tuition. Our family wants a high […]

Zagster Bike Share Questions Answered.

My previous post reviewed the new Zagster bike share program in Roanoke, and it ended with several questions. RIDEsolutions reached out to help.  RIDEsolutions was instrumental in partnering with Zagster, Carillion, the Roanoke Coop, and many others to bring the bike share program to Roanoke. Thanks to Amy from Zagster for responding by email.  The […]

Review: Roanoke’s New Zagster Bike Share Program.

Sets of white bikes at bike stands have shown up around Roanoke.  I hadn’t heard about the new ride share program until I drove past a new bike stand in Grandin Village.  Later I spotted a Facebook news article which informed me a company named Zagster runs the new program.  The bike stand locations are displayed […]