hack the FAFSA

Hack the FAFSA: Lower your EFC: Get College Financial Aid.

The FAFSA is a government form that students complete in order to get financial aid.  The FAFSA creates an EFC (Expected Family Contribution) which is the dollar amount sent to colleges. Colleges use the EFC to create financial aid packages.  High EFC’s result in weak need-based offers, and a low EFC demonstrates need which can […]

Things we whine about, and why we should stop.

Unused sick days Taxes Life Insurance FAFSA Unused sick days This one might be specific to teachers, and I might be am definitely the most guilty. Back-story.  I switched school systems about 10 years ago, and transferred 85 sick days with me. In order to use a sick day, I or a family member must […]

FAFSA #2 Filed

After 45 minutes of work, my second FAFSA is filed.  Based on some Facebook threads, there are some extremely panicked parents, but is really just isn’t that tough. The FAFSA generates an EFC (Expected Family Contribution) that will be sent to my Radford University.  Radford will use this number to prepare a financial aid package […]

Second FAFSA Coming

My Thoughts on the Looming FAFSA #2. Last September, my son JumpStart Jack was a senior in high school, and I was about to file FAFSA for the first time.  I was pretty clueless about the process, but I have learned a lot, and it will be a different experience this time.  The FAFSA website […]

Can a student earn too much, and lose financial aid?

Students qualify for financial aid based on the results of a federal form called the FAFSA.  The FAFSA generates a number called the Expected Family Contribution (EFC).  A high EFC indicates low financial need and prompts colleges to offer a lower financial package.  One of the factors that raises a family’s EFC is student income.  […]