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What If There Isn’t a College Fund?

In Will Ferrell’s movie “The House”, Will’s character learned that his 401k didn’t actually contain $401,000, and instead of disappointing his daughter, he was forced to open an illegal casino.  After a month, he netted a quarter million for college.  I never understood why his goal wasn’t 50 grand for tuition for the first year, […]

How to Cut College Costs__________ in Half.

OK, I’m a bit guilty of a click bait title.  In my defense, I’m not a repeat offender, and google search had many serial offenders using the “cut college costs in half” key words.  This method is effective for all students, even those who aren’t National Merit scholars, and it doesn’t require winning competitive scholarships.  […]

Sankey Diagram Chain Gang

I spotted my first Sankey diagram on Othalafehu’s site, and was immediately intrigued by the simple representation of money flowing into and out of their household. Apparently Sankeys are the new thing, and recently I’ve seen a bunch of them, in many places.  Some use yearly numbers, while others are monthly.  There are Sankeys with […]

pay for college

Save for both college and retirement.

New parents who want to send a child to college, and also retire one day? This method will put away $94,000 for college, and is likely to add a bonus $50,000 or more for retirement. The 2 keys to save for both college and retirement are: an early start. the Roth IRA. This method works […]

car negotiation story

Car Negotiation Story.

We made one of those really big purchases today, and spent about a month of our income, all in one shot, on a 2013 Honda Civic.  People buy cars all the time, but here is the JumpStart car negotiation story. The JumpStarts have had 2 cars for 2 drivers for a several months now.  Our […]