How to Cut College Costs__________ in Half.

OK, I’m a bit guilty of a click bait title.  In my defense, I’m not a repeat offender, and google search had many serial offenders using the “cut college costs in half” key words.  This method is effective for all students, even those who aren’t National Merit scholars, and it doesn’t require winning competitive scholarships.  […]

car negotiation story

Car Negotiation Story.

We made one of those really big purchases today, and spent about a month of our income, all in one shot, on a 2013 Honda Civic.  People buy cars all the time, but here is the JumpStart car negotiation story. The JumpStarts have had 2 cars for 2 drivers for a several months now.  Our […]

Bell Ringer: If I Taught Personal Finance in High School

Complaints about the lack of personal finance education in schools is a common theme of personal finance blogs.  I frequently imagine my lessons if I taught a PF class, with complete control of the curriculum.  Occasionally, I’ll poll my seniors to judge their understanding or thoughts on PF topics. The kids do pretty well on […]

200$ Opportunity

Thanks to Miles to Memories for alerting us of this opportunity with BBVA. JS Jack will be in for Thanksgiving break, on the 18th.  I didn’t have time to carefully read the rules yet, but notice a one bonus per household clause.  We might let Jack be our household member to get in on this […]

Are Dual and AP classes worth it?

Are Dual and AP Classes Worth it?

Options for high school classes have skyrocketed over the years, and now feature dual enrollment and AP classes.  In our school system, the price for dual enrollment credits has bounced around over the years.  AP test fees are lower, but 94$ for a test the student might fail could be considered a gamble.  I’ve spent […]