A Credit Score is Born: Starting Score for an 18 Year old.

USAA New information recently popped up in my son, JumpStart Jack’s, USAA account. JS Jack’s credit tile had displayed the invalid credit score of 4 since his 18th birthday.  Credit scores range from 300 to 850, but googling led to no reliable information about what to expect from the first credit score for an 18 year […]

 JumpStart from Scratch is Back in the Game.

Success story for an 18 year old’s first credit card. My son JumpStart Jr. turned 18 and we picked a card for his first application.  Bank of America Student Travel awards was the first choice.  We were disappointed, but not surprised, with the instant rejection after submitting the application online.  Bank of America toyed with […]

JumpStart is JumpStalled

Lately some of the JumpStart seems to be JumpStalled. My son Jumpstart Jr. recently turned and 18 is beginning his finances from scratch.  The goals are to JumpStart him from Scratch in the following areas: *Put both children in a position to get through college with low debt, while not straining our finances too badly. […]

And the actual college decision is _________.

This post will not make much sense without reading the “College decision!!! Almost made.” post and yesterday’s April Fools’ Day “And the decision is ___________  “post. Vegas We arrived in Vegas ready for our destiny, found a roulette wheel, and put 5,000 dollars on my lucky number 13.  The ball went round and round until […]

College Choices

College decision!!! Almost made.

My son JumpStart Jack is quickly approaching college decision time.  We are very proud of him for going 5 for 5 on college admissions. Although as a high school teacher, I have witnessed some admissions/denials that baffled my reasoning and intellect.  Students shouldn’t take too much credit or blame for college admission decisions.  Sometimes things […]