Credit score for a 17 year old?

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Discover’s latest commercial caught my attention.  They have a service that will show your credit score for free, even for people who do not have an account.  I have always been able to use my Discover account to see my credit score, and a few of my other cards offer the same benefit, as well. However, I was wondering about JumpStart Jr.’s credit score. He is 17 and legally turns into an adult, in a few months.  I have made the assumption that Jr. does not have a score, but never actually tried to check it. He has had some jobs, paid taxes, has some youth bank accounts, and has some authorized user credit cards with his name.  What would the credit score for a 17 year old be?  So, this morning I dug out his social security number, went to the site, and began entering the info.  I hit a road block when I got to birthday and was prompted to enter a valid birth date for someone older than 18.  Discover can’t/won’t check your score until age 18.

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Other options

I wondered if other services could help.  Annual free credit report is another free way to check your credit once a year.  After some checking, it doesn’t work until age 18 either.  I googled did some research about how to check your score as a minor.  Most of the search results were quite alarming and dealt with identity theft.  There were horror stories about toddlers who were sent to debtor’s prison for being delinquent on mortgages, they claimed they never applied for.  Many of the toddlers claimed they didn’t even know what a mortgage was.  I neither exaggerated nor embellished the previous search results at all.  True story.

Off track

I spend a little time looking through my old pics trying to find pictures of our kids in jail/cages, but couldn’t find a good one where they were in focus. It is a shame because this is a real lost opportunity for some increased site traffic, based on shock value.  On a somewhat related topic, I can’t see who did the clicking, but my page stats did register a few clicks on the bare naked ladies link in my previous post.  I hope readers were thrilled when Youtube popped up with the music video “One Week.” What a great 90’s song.

Back on track

Anyway, google did have some info about contacting individual credit agencies directly in the case that you feared identity theft, but these seemed like instructions for cases where there is a real concern, after some credible threat.  It was not a step, I would take as a curious father.  Bottom line is that we’re going to wait for JumpStart Jr.’s birthday to see what results pop out.  Anyone out there with a kid that just celebrated their 18th birthday, and cares to share their results?

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