My Daughter’s New Name Revealed

My post “Help Me Name My Daughter” came out 4 days ago.  I have obscured the real identity of my family, with JumpStart aliases.

Mr. JumpStart and Mrs. JumpStart have worked well for us.

My son JumpStart Jr. has been the focus of many posts because he turned 18, chose a college, and got his first credit card.

My daughter is currently a freshman in high school, and will provide plenty of content in 3 years, but she is too young to focus on jumpstarting her finances yet.

She is going to need a proper JumpStart identity, but I just couldn’t come up with a suitable name.  I had used JumpStart Juniorita, but just didn’t like the name.  Miss JumpStart was OK, but I didn’t feel like it was a clear distinction between my wife Mrs. and my daughter Miss.  I reached out to my readers for help with a nick name.

TK is a fellow blogger and Roanoker who has known me since I was a baby.  She quickly suggested Jenny JumpStart which intrigued me, because it is a nice, young, feminine name.  I felt like Jenny JumpStart was moving in the right direction, but wasn’t quite there.

After TK’s suggestion, I left a comment on the post with several J girl names including Jenny and Judy.

Amy is the blogger who created, and she left the suggestion JumpStart Jill, and I knew it was perfect.  It was so simple and obvious, but I just hadn’t thought of it.  I should have put more thought into nick names in Nov of 2016 when I began writing blog content.  It should have always been JumpStart Jack and JumpStart Jill.  JumpStart Jr. was a solid nick name, but JumpStart Jack pairs so well with JumpStart Jill.

So I’m proud to introduce JumpStart Jack and JumpStart Jill. Now, I have the task of going back through the posts and switching the word Jr. to Jack many times.

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions and help.  A special shout out to Amy and TK.   Go check out Amy’s blog, which “helps you simplify life and crack the code on nutrition, exercise and money.”

Check back for my Fort Lauderdale trip report coming soon.

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