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I started writing and the first 5000 words flowed out pretty quickly and effortlessly.  I kept wondering If this was for me, or should I share it?  I have never been the type to have  or keep a journal.  A few years ago I had to do a bunch of writing prompts about my teaching practices to earn National Board Certification.  I hated it.  In retrospect years later with some perspective I still really hated it. Yet when I think back to washing dishes in a restaurant at age 15, all the memories are fond.  I worked construction and demoed houses after fires, cleaned up trashed apartments after tenants moved out and I remember all that hard work fondly.  I have never enjoyed writing.  Just give me some questions to answer.  Preferably MC or with a numeric answer.

I am not sure why I just wrote 5000 words voluntarily.  Do I have anything unique to say?  I am not experienced, not an expert, and sometimes make decisions based on stuff I read online.   The stuff I read may or may not be total unsubstantiated crap.  Who knows?

If I decide to share this, should I write this anonymously?  It is hard for me to write vaguely.  There are things that uniquely identify me.  An earlier draft of the previous paragraph mention Billy’s Ritz as the restaurant where I washed dishes.  People that know me would read details, and be certain that it was my blog.  Husband and wife both teachers in the same school system, 17 year old son, 14 year old daughter, spend the summer in their beach townhouse.  They will realize, “Yep, that is the Jones.”  Actually the Jones live next door to me.  Another detail that identifies me, and I want to stick in there. I do not care if anyone sees all my numbers.  But, does my wife care?  Do my son and daughter care?  By telling my story, I am telling their story as well.  It would be easy to lie fudge about a few facts and make my identity uncertain.  I would definitely play guitar, make my beach house look like this, and be able to surf like this.

beachhouse          better-surfer

Will anyone care, or read this?  Is it only interesting to me, because it is all about me?  Probably does not matter anyway because I have no idea how to publish a blog.

However, I am very good at reading blogs.  There is some great stuff available to read for free.  A few examples are MMM, FM, Big Habitat, Travel is free, and Dan’s Deals.  I have read everything by these guys and it has really changed the way I think, caused me to make some big changes, and take advantage of some big opportunities.   Based on travel bloggers advice, I have been taking advantage of credit card bonuses and perks since Nov. 2013.  My entire family flew to Saint Thomas, New York, Mexico twice, and Miami twice.  My wife and I have gone kid free on a Germany/Rome/Portugal trip, 2 New York trips, 2 Vegas trips, and 2 more times to Miami.  We never stay with the team at soccer tournaments, because there is always a free hotel somewhere.  I have 1.5 million miles/points in accounts now.  There weren’t any original techniques used.  I just picked and chose strategies from reading the blogs I just mentioned.  MMM is not a travel blog, but more of a lifestyle blog.  It was the most recent one I stumbled on.  I wish I had read his stuff at age 21.

After writing that, it is clear that I need to do two things.

  1. I need to talk to my family about whether to put details out there, or go anonymous.
  2. I need to find a blog about publishing blogs.
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