First month of JumpStart from Scratch and the stats are:

There is one hole in my stats that is frustrating.  The post “Think of all the money you’ll save once they’re in college” is not showing up in my stats.  It came out Dec 11, and I know people visited it, but my stat page doesn’t even show that post.

Facebook page likes.      29 likes.

I can only see 22 names and I believe Facebook only allows me to see my friends’ names. I want to grow this number and am kind of disappointed by it.

Twitter followers.            178 followers.

My page is only getting a small amount of traffic from twitter, but I am starting to enjoy twitter.  There is some interesting and funny stuff that shows up on my feed.  It also makes me realize that my tweets do not compete, and  I am working on creating some better pics and tweets to draw more attention.

Page visitors.                     305 visitors.

I would be thrilled with this number, but I suspect visitors are counted more than once.  I know people have checked back on multiple days and are probably being counted multiple times.

Page views.                        1211 clicks.

I am happy with this number and it is the total for all the pages.  There are 7 pages and 14 blog posts published.

Google search results.

When jumpstart and scratch are googled, my Facebook page and the meaning of Jumpstart are currently 3 and 4.  I am pretty happy to consistently stay on the front google search page.

Apparently there is some coding program called Scratch. It is made by MIT, is free, is designed for ages 8 through 16, and there is a set of tutorials that jumpstart coding skills.  If somebody is going to be listed ahead of my on the google search page, then I guess I can accept losing against a team of MIT kids. I admit the Scratch stuff on their site looks really cool.  Although, fantasies of me in a fist fight, in a college dorm, against 4 guys wearing glasses and pocket protectors, has been going through my brain. I have also watched a few Youtube videos on how to launch hacker attacks designed to shut down competing websites.  However, I have become discouraged, because I realized that MIT nerds created all the tutorials I was viewing.  Anyway, fist fight is back on.

Who has visited so far?

Most of my visitors have come from Facebook.  There have been a couple of twitter links, a few google search links, and a Bing search.  My stats display a map that highlights the location of my visitors, and I am fascinated by the fact that I have visitors from 8 countries.  I have no explanation for how I got readers in countries such as Brazil, Singapore, or Japan.

Friends and family continue to be my biggest supporters, but I have begun to gain a few readers from outside that group.  You can help out in the following ways.

  • Visit and like my Facebook page.
  • Share posts from my Facebook page.
  • Visit my page and post some comments.
  • Search for me on google and then click on my site while avoiding the other choices (especially those hacks from MIT).
  • Follow me on twitter.
  • Spread the word.         JumpStart Facebook page            JumpStart Twitter

Thank you for all the support.  I have the best readers, friends, and family.

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