First week of JumpStart from Scratch is on the Books.

One week of JumpStart from Scratch and the stats are:

Facebook page likes.      24 likes.

I am hoping this will grow in week 2.  My family makes up a large fraction of this number.  Many people are liking posts, but not liking the page.  Anyone that knows me can tell that I am the author, and it is clear from my personal Facebook page, but the JumpStart from Scratch page does not identify me.  My personal page has some private settings where only friends can view.  On the other hand the JumpStart page is public and can be seen by everyone.

Twitter followers.            38 followers.

I don’t really get twitter yet.  I follow a bunch of people and then some of them follow me back.  They are all strangers.  Some of their interests don’t remotely match my profile or site.

Page visitors.                     115 visitors.

I would be thrilled with this number, but I suspect visitors are counted more than once.  I know people have checked back on multiple days and are probably being counted multiple times.

Page views.                        481 clicks.

This is the total for all the pages.  There are 7 pages and 8 blog post published.

Google search results.

A google search of jumpstart from scratch has the jumpstart facebook page as the top link.  The meaning of jumpstart page is the number 4 link.  I am not sure why my homepage is not getting results, but I am pretty happy with this result.

Who has visited so far?

Almost all my visitors have come from Facebook.  There have been a couple of twitter links and a couple of google search links.  Based on those facts, I have to conclude that my visitors are mostly friends and family.  I appreciate everyone that visits, but I want to reach some more readers in my target audience.

Who is my target audience?

I picture 2 groups of readers that would be interested.  The most obvious group are parents of kids in high school and/or college.  The second group are high school and college students between the ages of 17 and 22 who are motivated to build strong finances themselves.  There will be a handful of people interested in other topics such as beach houses, travel, or Myrtle Beach.  I also plan on getting some hits from misled people by inserting the phrase “bare naked ladies” somewhere into all my posts.

My family is at the beginning of the journey and currently have no experience or results.  I plan on giving frank numbers, tracking approved accounts, credit score, and airline/hotel points accumulated.  I have been successful with the credit related items, but I began at age 39 and already had good credit.  I have not found a blog that tracks a young adult with no history, on this journey.  Hopefully we have some success that will serve as a template for parents and motivated young adults.

Since I believe most of my audience is currently composed of my wonderful supportive friends and family.

Here are some ways you can help.

  • Visit and like my Facebook page.
  • Share posts from my Facebook page.
  • Visit my page and post some comments.
  • Search for me on google and then click on my site while avoiding the other choices.
  • Like me on twitter.
  • Spread the word.         JumpStart Facebook page            JumpStart Twitter

Thank you for all the support.  I have the best friends and family.

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