Help Me Name My Daughter

My blog persona is a weird mix of public and anonymous.  I have laid out all my finances, numbers, decisions, and beliefs, in detail.  Most of the hits to my blog are friends and family, who would never refer to me as Mr. JumpStart.

My website, twitter account, and the JumpStartfromScratch Facebook page do not mention my name.  However, all of the pictures, numbers, and facts are actually of my family.  Anyone that knows me, and looks at the blog, will be able to positively identify me as the author.

Currently most of my blog traffic comes from my personal Facebook page.  When I publish a post, it is automatically shared with the JumpStart FB page and Twitter.  Typically at some point I share the post to my personal FB timeline, which prompts most of my clicks.

There is some traffic from people I do not know in real life.  A few bloggers are also visiting my site regularly.  Thanks Chiefmomofficer, othalafehu, and earlyretirementnow.  Fellow bloggers are responsible for the majority of the blog comments.  There are few personal friends who have left some comments as well, but my personal FB page gets many more comments than the anonymous blog.

Anyway, I am happy with the aliases/nicknames I have used to obscure our identity.  The exception is my daughter’s alias.  Referring to myself as Mr. JumpStart is beginning to feel natural.  I refer to my son as JumpStart Jr. for the first mention, and then Jr. for the rest of the post.  Mrs. JumpStart and Mrs. JS work well, but I do not know what to call my daughter.

JumpStart Juniorita?

Miss JumpStart?

Daughter JumpStart?

These aren’t particularly good nick names.  I know my skills and weakness, and I may need some help. My skills lie in examining deals/bonuses/advertisements from banks/business/colleges.  I have some skill at examining systems, and determining the optimum play on them.  My weaknesses include picking color schemes, creating must click-on graphics, SEO, twitter, and writing good English.  The time has come to admit defeat, and ask for help with my daughter’s nick name.

Please help me name my daughter.

Please leave me some ideas in the comments.

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  1. I think a short J-girls name might be the winner. Jenny Jumpstart was recommended on my FB page. JumpStart Jane, JumpStart Jenny, JumpStart Judy. I might be picking one of those.

    Several readers like Miss JumpStart, but I do not think it forms a clear difference between my wife and daughter.

  2. When you google Mr. JumpStart, there is some car guy in Texas that pops up all over the first google page.

    • Thanks for the suggestions Mrs. Groovy. A name is chosen and I will reveal it tomorrow.

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