JumpStart Logo Update

The JumpStart logo has always been more of a money graph than a logo.  There are 7 green blocks representing the 7 looming years of college.  The middle block is the one terrifying year with of both kids in college.  JumpStart Jr. still needs to pick one of his 5 college opportunities, but we have made a commitment of $19k per year of parental help.  We already have $19k allocated between his UGMA, 529, and a savings account. During April, May, and June we must save for this summer’s unemployment.  After summer, we begin our new cycle, and begin saving $3k per month for summer and tuition the following year.  In addition to JumpStart Jr.’s freshman year tuition, we have $10k for my daughter between her UGMA and 529 account.  The graph/logo doesn’t reflect that we are already prepared for some of the blocks.  As a result, the JumpStart logo needs an adjustment.  I’m going to start graying out boxes that are paid for.   The adjusted logo has a little less green to pay for, and is slightly less scary.

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