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JumpStartfromScratch Blog Goals 2018

I’ve never paid full attention while being lectured how to taught to create SMART goals, but I have some goals for this year.  Many of the goals aren’t ideal, because I’m not in control of them, and they depend on the actions of other people.  But, whatever.  I plan on all of this stuff happening anyway.

*Increase JSFS website subscribers.

I have an embarrassing 11 E-mail subscribers, and my own E-mail is included on that list.

You can help by signing up in the box below.  I won’t spam your mailbox, and promise to only send E-mails when promoting pyramid schemes new posts.

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*Double my Twitter following to over 2,500 followers.

I was pretty excited to break 1000 twitter followers.  You can help by following me on Twitter.

*Begin using a program or ap to automate tweets.

*Stop being frustrated by Facebook.

The JumpStart Facebook page is frustrating, and FB is constantly trying to charge me money to “boost my posts.”  They seem to show JumpStart posts to less people as time goes by.  Even when the first people interact, FB just isn’t displaying posts enough.

I know the Mr. JumpStart alias is a thin disguise, but on Facebook, there is a weird overlap between my anonymity and real life.  I’m considering going back to using FB exclusively for personal use, and this goal might be accomplished by quitting JSFS on Facebook.

If you rely on Facebook to find my posts, consider these options:

  • Signing up for email.
  • Following me on Twitter.
  • Book-marking JSFS, and visiting hourly.
  • Google searching Mr. JumpStart, ignoring all those JumpStarts that fix your car, and clicking on the link for the real Mr. JumpStart.

*Make the real "Mr. JumpStart" the top result on Google.

I’m excited to have beaten those MIT guys for the top result when “JumpStart scratch” is searched, but Texas auto-mechanics are currently winning the “Mr. JumpStart” googling result battle.  (Is repeatedly typing Mr. JumpStart good for SEO?)

*Figure out Pinterest.

Still just don’t get Pinterest.

*Double site traffic twice (Compound interest style).

JumpStartfromScratch.com broke 1000 page views per month in Nov and Dec of 2017. Thefirst double is 2000, and another double results in over 4000 page views next Nov and Dec.

*Get Rockstarred, or make the Top 32 in the Rockstar Rumble.

Might be out of my control. I need to write strong content, and create great graphics.

*Use the site to earn something of monetary value.

It doesn’t cost much money to run the site, but I spend lots of time.  Any kind of earnings would be a great start.

Earning could potentially come from:

The above links to Chase and AMEX are live, and I do get a referral bonus.  They are all solid cards that I use to travel cheaply.  The Chase Freedom is a no-fee card.  The AMEX Everyday and Starwood cards do have annual fees, but earn valuable points.  If you want a new card, and will always pay your balance in full, I'd appreciate you signing up through my links.

*Improve my writing, computer, and design skills.

The WordPress editor robots judge all my posts before publication.  The robots get angry when I start 3 consecutive sentences with “I”, and when the “passive voice” is used too often.  I still don’t know what the passive voice is exactly, but the robots have been less angry lately.

With 7.5 years left in my teaching career, my ticket to extra income might be writing, computer, and design skills.  

*But seriously, I need more E-mail subscribers.  Mom’s not even on the list.  Sign up below.  I've got to get up to at least 18 subscribers in 2018.

Thanks for Reading.

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    • A FB alert about the new post went out early this morning, and it is about 10:30 AM now. Facebook’s “reach” has been 11 people. I think I’m done with FB.
      I have tweeted twice about the new post, and Twitter has given me 186 “impressions.”

  1. I think I’m with you on FB. I guess I haven’t really tried, but I also hate having set up a Page linked to my individual account. But I’m conflicted. I love Twitter the best but it eats up so much time! Oh well…but I am subscribing today to your blog. Good luck with your 2018 growth goals! 🙂

    • The worst thing FB does is all the notifications. I get on FB to check out people’s holiday pics, and it tries to sell me on “boosting posts”. When I comment on something as JSFS, it gives me a notification that FSFS did something. Even when there is no action related to the blog, it bugs me constantly. It is after noon now, and FB has only shown this post to 14 people. It is making the decision easy. Thanks for the follow Kat.

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