Keeping my Alaskan Airlines Miles Alive.

Award wallet sent me an email alert that Mrs. JumpStart’s Alaskan Airlines miles were set to expire in 2.9 months.  To keep her 26k miles from expiring, there must be some kind of account activity.

My options

A flight could be redeemed, we could take a flight, or miles could be earned from spend on an Alaskan credit card. Between Starwood points, Ultimate Rewards, or Membership Rewards, there is bound to be a transfer partner, and I could transfer 1000 points into the account.  Any kind of account activity will reset the expiration for another 2 years.

My choice

After checking my options, I just decided to apply for a new Bank of America card. The current promotion for an Alaskan Airlines card is a $100 statement credit plus 30,000 miles, after spend of $1000 dollars, within 90 days.


The application was filled out online, and I included Mrs. JumpStart’s Alaskan membership number.  Be sure to remember this detail when you already have points with program. It can be a pain when you end up with more than one account. Anyway, after 30 seconds of scrolling, she got the congratulations screen.

I will have to pay the 75$ annual fee, but then it will earn a $100 statement credit.  My limited brain can’t comprehend why the bank likes this arrangement, but I don’t make the rules.  I just take advantage of them.


I have opened 3 of this card in the past and am currently sitting on 98,000 miles.  This will be Mrs. JumpStart’s 2nd time and her balance should jump from 26,000 to 57,000 miles.


JumpStart Jr. must pick a college soon.  The colleges are starting to send nice welcoming letters reminding us how to pay the deposit to reserve his spot.  Some of the colleges make threats about first priority for housing based on the order the deposits are received.  I am not intimidated by their warnings, but I will be using this credit card to pay a deposit to some college very soon.

If I am charged a convenience fee of 3% which is $30 on a $1000 deposit, I will only be behind $5 after the statement credit and annual fee.  In addition I will painlessly knock out the spend requirement to earn 31,000 Alaskan Airline miles, and keep the soon to expire miles alive in the process.  I’ll pay the bill in full, probably never use the card again, and close it to avoid the 1 year anniversary annual fee.

Using the miles

There are no current plans to use the Alaskan miles, and I have never even flown on Alaskan.  Alaskan has many flights from the west coast to Hawaii.  I have never been to Hawaii, and these miles might end up being my ticket.  A 25 foot Hawaiian wave will be a nice change from the 2 foot waves I am used to in Myrtle Beach.

I wrote an earlier post on college tuition convenience fees.

If you are interested in this card, the link is here.

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