Stuff I recommend.

My top 3 favorite blogs.

These guys blew my mind, made me rethink everything, and inspired me to do new things.  I wish I had been reading them at age 21.


A guy graduates, saves a large percentage of his income for 10 years, retires at age 31, and currently only does what he wants.  He does some pretty cool stuff now.

Travel is Free

A guy and his girlfriend choose to only have possessions that fit into some luggage.  They choose not to spend money on stuff and mortgage/rent.  They stay in hotels full time while they travel everywhere.


A guy that finds/shares all kinds of ways to exploit credit card offers to the fullest.  He earned a million miles/points in a single month.  He spent 1.2 million miles to hang out with Sir Richard Branson at Necker Island.


Other blogs I read and recommend.

Greg Jacobs

A great physics teacher shares his teaching philosophy and techniques

Big Habitat

He buys and resells stuff for the purpose of cycling large amounts of cash through transactions that result in miles/points/cash.  He disappeared and I miss his stuff.

Mommy Points

A solid travel blog.  I get embarrassed when people look over my shoulder and I am reading it.  It could use a more Dad friendly title.  But who am I to criticize.  Her site gets tons of traffic.

Budgets are Sexy

A guy that puts all his financial number out there online.  The idea of side hustles to make extra income is most intriguing to me.  He is organized and monitors his own net worth efficiently.  It has made my take a close look at my personal situation.

Dan’s Deals

Dan informs you about every good deal he spots.  Deals are everything from credit card promotions, to great blender prices, to great clothing sales.


A few other travel blogs that I never miss.

Miles to Memories          Miles per Day    FTG        Points Guy          Travel Codex


Products/Services/Companies that I use and recommend.


I use them for saving, checking, youth accounts, and insurance.

Chase    Amex    Citi          B of A    Discover

I take advantage of their promotions for cash, airline miles, transferable points, hotel points, hotel stays, and status. They have been generous.


My grocery store, gas station, source of gift cards, and source of money orders.


I use FBA to sell merchandise I bought to resell.


This is a website that keeps track of all your awards programs.  I makes it easy to track usernames, passwords, and keep track of expiration dates.

Referral link to AwardWallet

Stuff I get payed to recommend.

One day there will be a list.

Still waiting on a shoe endorsement and an offer from Amex.


Stuff I get miles/points when you use my link.

Anyone with a card, can create these referral links.  Sometimes there are better offers out there.  Shop around first.  Thank you if you decide to use one of my links.


Discover card

If you use the link Discover link to open an account, we both get 50$ cash back. Discover it cards get 1% cash back on everything and 5% cash back in quarterly special categories.