New AMEX Promotion is Especially Beneficial for Teen Children.

No e-mails ever came, but Frequent Miler’s post alerted me to the AMEX promotion.

If you have an AMEX Starwood card, use this link here to check if you are eligible.

Mrs. JumpStart and I followed the link and were both eligible.  We both input our 15 year old daughter JumpStart Jill’s info.  The form asked for name, social security number, and birth date.  Two cards for our daughter will show up soon.  JS Jill won’t even know about her new cards.  Maybe when she’s a little older and needs a card to buy gas with.

Benefit 1

I’ll run $1000 of spend through each card, and the $2000 spend will earn 7000 Starwood points.  3.5 Starwood points per dollar of spend is a tremendous deal.

Benefit 2

My son JumpStart Jack’s creditkarma report shows his average age of credit at 9 months, even though he has only been 18 for 7 months.  His oldest card is his authorized user Starwood card that is 2 years and 3 months old.  I regret not getting him more authorized user cards at a younger age.

Benefit 3

A 3rd benefit is AMEX offers can be loaded onto each card.  The spend 50$ get 50$ back from HULU is an example of a recent great offer.

This deal expires at the end of September.  If it is right for you, jump on it soon.

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