not gonna pay for that

I’m just not gonna pay for that.

Sometimes stubbornness takes over, and I just refuse to pay for something. Myrtle Beach parking is a recent example. I’m just not gonna pay for that.

Until 2016, the stretch of beach known as the Golden Mile, was a free parking paradise. A hotel-free, stretch of beachfront houses with free street parking had existed for years.  On the mile, the beach access points even had small parking lots.  Weekends were the busiest beach days because all the inland locals came to this section of beach.

Parking meters, pay lots, and no parking signs have always filled the hotel zone.  In 2016, the no parking signs and yellow curbs expanded to the Golden Mile. They put up signs describing a new parking meter extortion smart phone ap, and began charging for beach access parking spots.

Our vacation/rental townhouse is less than half a mile from the water, and we have no trouble walking.  The issue is our surf boards, and after carrying a board half a mile, I’m too tired to surf.  We could coordinate a driver dropping a couple people and boards off, but it is a pain, driving back and forth and the walking back by yourself.

We were facing a new summer expense.

10 bucks in parking fees for a day at the beach isn’t that bad, but my stubbornness takes over, and I’m just not gonna pay for that.

My solution is pictured above.  A 30$ craigslist stroller, lots of junk from the basement, and a few hours time was all it took to build this masterpiece strange contraption.  Now I’m riding my bike to the beach, with a trailer loaded with 2 surf boards, beach bag, cooler, 20 beers, and my frisbee.  My bike trailer isn’t perfect, and I will do some things different if  I ever build bike trailer 2.0.  I must take really wide turns, and it is difficult getting the trailer to roll in the sand.  Myrtle Beach added some new fencing in June that blocked my preferred rout.

Thanks to the bike trailer solution, I’ve still never installed that parking meter extortion ap on my phone.

Our other stubborn refusals to spend money examples include dog grooming, carrying our luggage from the train station to the hotel, and all sorts of repair jobs.  Anybody else have examples of stubbornness leading to solutions for things, when you’re just not gonna pay for that?

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    • My first trip to the west coast is coming up in June. I’m only going to Cali. though. Looking forward to the bigger Pacific waves.

    • Don’t remember that story, but sounds like it could be true. I remember adding $1.46 in gas to the Yugo. I had to dig around for change to make it back from the lake. Today, I’ll pay 1$ for air at Exon to avoid dragging the air compressor out of the basement.

  1. Yes – parking at my local Trader Joe’s. It used to be free for an hour when you got the voucher stamped in the machine, but they recently started charging $6 – no free hour anymore. Screw that! So I now ride my bike there an just make more trips, which frankly I should have been doing all along

    • Bikes solve many problems. Nobody can force me to pay for gas, registration, insurance, or parking when I take the bike or walk.

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