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Meet the JumpStart Family.

Mrs. JS and I teach for a public school system in Virginia.  Our son JS Jack is a freshman in college, and our daughter JS Jill is a sophomore at my high school.

We are another family facing the daunting task of paying for college and raising financially mature kids.  The green JumpStart logo is actually a graph representing our personal 7 year obstacle.  Each large green block represents a year of college expenses.  That middle terrifying block is the year both kids will be in college.

College info can be confusing, generic, and unhelpful. Today’s typical college grads are crippled by high student loan payments, credit card debt, poor credit, bad financial habits, and they lack established accounts.

My blog tells the story of our family’s journey. We’re striving to give the kids a JumpStart along the college path, and intend to create graduates with low debt, high credit scores, established financial accounts, and a generous stash of travel points.

After a JumpStart, students graduate with a financial framework, money IQ, and freedom entering adult life. They leave college with strong credit that opens doors, points that give an opportunity for cheap travel, and are financially ready to begin building wealth.

I’m Mr. JumpStart, a career physics teacher, coach, landlord to one townhouse, and a travel hacker. I'll give honest details about our decisions, successes, and missteps.  Follow along as I document our kids on their JumpStart from Scratch.

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not gonna pay for that

I’m just not gonna pay for that.

Sometimes stubbornness takes over, and I just refuse to pay for something. Myrtle Beach parking is a recent example. I’m just not gonna pay for that. Until 2016, the stretch of beach known as the Golden Mile, was a free parking paradise. A hotel-free, stretch of beachfront houses with free street parking had existed for […]

building a credit score from scratch

How to Build a Credit Score from Scratch. A guide for 18-year-olds.

About to graduate high school? Recently began college? Want to help your teenage kid? How can you get credit, when you’ve never had credit before? If you need advice on fixing bad credit, this isn’t the right guide. If you don’t have a score, or have never checked your score, this is your step by […]

Jealous of the Millennials: Sometimes.

I’ll admit to occasional jealous feelings regarding millennials. One jealousy stems from their young, healthy knees and ankles.  I would kill 6 millennials love to be able to run fast and play soccer without pain.  A post about how “joint pain sucks” is too whiny, so instead this post examines the millennials’ blissful warm fuzzy […]

Thanksgiving blogging tip

Thanksgiving Blogging Tip

I’m worried my title sounds arrogant considering I only have one year of blogging experience, but I’m going to give my Thanksgiving blogging tip anyway. JumpStart Thanksgiving Blogging Tip. Keep a list of instances when other bloggers helped you out.  Open up a word file, spreadsheet, or notepad, and begin adding names and good deeds […]

Bell Ringer: If I Taught Personal Finance in High School

Complaints about the lack of personal finance education in schools is a common theme of personal finance blogs.  I frequently imagine my lessons if I taught a PF class, with complete control of the curriculum.  Occasionally, I’ll poll my seniors to judge their understanding or thoughts on PF topics. The kids do pretty well on […]