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Meet the JumpStart Family

On my blog, I go by Mr.  JumpStart, and I am documenting my mission to jumpstart my kid’s finances by helping them with a low debt college education, high credit scores, and miles/points/cash/perks earned from credit cards.  Mrs. JumpStart and I are both public school teachers.  I teach physics, and Mrs. JS is brave enough to teach kindergarten.  My son JumpStart Jack is a freshman at Radford University, and my daughter JumpStart Jill is a sophomore, at my school.  JumpStartfromScratch shares all the details about our financial experiences.

JumpStart From Scratch Progress Snapshot: 18 years and 3 months.

My son JumpStart Jack is a little over 18 years and 3 months old.  I am not an obnoxious parent that states their kid’s age in months. The plan is to put together a snapshot every 3 months to monitor progress.  JS Jack started from scratch with nothing at age 18 building his financial future. My […]

Is Discover it for Students the best Discover card?

I spotted a new opportunity with JumpStart Jack’s new Discover it for Students card, and I have come to a conclusion. Discover it for Students is the best discover card available. The student card has every normal Discover perk including quarterly 5x cash back categories (currently home improvement stores).  The word student isn’t written anywhere […]

A Credit Score is Born: Starting Score for an 18 Year old.

USAA New information recently popped up in my son, JumpStart Jack’s, USAA account. JS Jack’s credit tile had displayed the invalid credit score of 4 since his 18th birthday.  Credit scores range from 300 to 850, but googling led to no reliable information about what to expect for the starting credit score for an 18 year […]

Fort Lauderdale Trip Report (Hotel, food, and activities)

My previous post detailed the travel portion of our Fort Lauderdale trip.  Here are the details about the Fort Lauderdale Trip hotel, food, and activities. The Hotel The W Fort Lauderdale reminds me of a Vegas hotel minus the casino.  All of the action happens on the extravagant fourth and fifth floors.  The fifth floor […]

Spring Break Fort Lauderdale Trip Report (travel portion)

As teachers, they give us a Spring Break every year.  However they don’t give us enough money for expensive trips, sending our kids to college, and retiring.  Thankfully, as a guy who reads all the travel hacking blogs, and follows all the advice, trips can be practically free. In January, I wrote the post Planning […]