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Meet the JumpStart Family

On my blog, I go by Mr.  JumpStart, and I am documenting my mission to jumpstart my kid’s finances by helping them with a low debt college education, high credit scores, and miles/points/cash/perks earned from credit cards.  Mrs. JumpStart and I are both public school teachers.  I teach physics, and Mrs. JS is brave enough to teach kindergarten.  My son JumpStart Jack is a freshman at Radford University, and my daughter JumpStart Jill is a sophomore, at my school.  JumpStartfromScratch shares all the details about our financial experiences.

My Daughter’s New Name Revealed

My post “Help Me Name My Daughter” came out 4 days ago.  I have obscured the real identity of my family, with JumpStart aliases. Mr. JumpStart and Mrs. JumpStart have worked well for us. My son JumpStart Jr. has been the focus of many posts because he turned 18, chose a college, and got his […]

Help Me Name My Daughter

My blog persona is a weird mix of public and anonymous.  I have laid out all my finances, numbers, decisions, and beliefs, in detail.  Most of the hits to my blog are friends and family, who would never refer to me as Mr. JumpStart. My website, twitter account, and the JumpStartfromScratch Facebook page do not […]

 JumpStart from Scratch is Back in the Game.

Success story for an 18 year old’s first credit card. My son JumpStart Jr. turned 18 and we picked a card for his first application.  Bank of America Student Travel awards was the first choice.  We were disappointed, but not surprised, with the instant rejection after submitting the application online.  Bank of America toyed with […]

What’s One More Kid?

I was driving with the kids to work/school yesterday morning listening to the radio.  The topic was a discussion about compromise in marriages concerning number of children.  I was sleep driving tired, and it wasn’t that interesting, so I was half listening. A caller asked “After 3 boys, what’s 1 more?”  The DJ paused for […]

JumpStart is JumpStalled

Lately some of the JumpStart seems to be JumpStalled. My son Jumpstart Jr. recently turned and 18 is beginning his finances from scratch.  The goals are to JumpStart him from Scratch in the following areas: *Put both children in a position to get through college with low debt, while not straining our finances too badly. […]