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Meet the JumpStart Family

On my blog, I go by Mr.  JumpStart, and I am documenting my mission to jumpstart my kid’s finances by helping them with a low debt college education, high credit scores, and miles/points/cash/perks earned from credit cards.  Mrs. JumpStart and I are both public school teachers.  I teach physics, and Mrs. JS is brave enough to teach kindergarten.  My son JumpStart Jack is a freshman at Radford University, and my daughter JumpStart Jill is a sophomore, at my school.  JumpStartfromScratch shares all the details about our financial experiences.

JumpStart Logo Update

The JumpStart logo has always been more of a money graph than a logo.  There are 7 green blocks representing the 7 looming years of college.  The middle block is the one terrifying year with of both kids in college.  JumpStart Jr. still needs to pick one of his 5 college opportunities, but we have […]

Dual Teacher Money Cycle

As teachers we get paid 20 equal paychecks that arrive twice per month, from Sep through June.  June is followed by a wonderful unemployment paycheck drought of July and August.  Mrs. JumpStart and I are both teachers and have lived this dual teacher money cycle for 22 years.  In my early twenties, I estimated I […]

Do chips make credit cards safer?

Credit card companies and the news have been touting the new chips for several years now.  I remember getting my first chip card, and it just looked like a sim card sitting in the middle of my card, but kind of cool.  It never made any difference, because all the stores were just using the […]

Crazy idea to save or profit on college housing.

This post is a bunch of facts followed by a bunch of questions.  This is how my mind works.  I probably won’t make a move.  I may regret it.  I saw a house on Zillow and had a crazy idea to save or profit on college housing. Facts Saw this house on Zillow.  50 m […]


My previous post detailed a bunch of steps taken immediately after my son JumpStart Jr.’s 18th birthday, but the post was mostly filled with setbacks.  After another week we have made a little progress. Bank of America One major setback was the instant decline on the Bank of America credit card application.  Under the building […]