Thanksgiving blogging tip

Thanksgiving Blogging Tip

I’m worried my title sounds arrogant considering I only have one year of blogging experience, but I’m going to give my Thanksgiving blogging tip anyway.

JumpStart Thanksgiving Blogging Tip.

Keep a list of instances when other bloggers helped you out. 

Open up a word file, spreadsheet, or notepad, and begin adding names and good deeds to your list.  Occasionally review your list, and go check out your friendly bloggers’ recent posts.  You don’t have to contribute every time, but occasionally throw them some comments, likes, and retweets.  I read great original ideas every day on PF blogs.

Recently a blog post advised never thinking of bloggers as competition, and instead envision a community working together.  It’s kind of like when there are a bunch of good restaurants on the same block in the Grandin Village.

I’m a no-good, thieving plagiarist poor blogger friend, and don’t remember where I saw the advice.  Somebody tell me who I stole the “bloggers are not competition” advice from, and I’ll give them credit.

Since JumpStartfromScratch’s beginning, bloggers have been supportive.  Sometimes I actually have an idea, and pull off an OK post.  Other times, I think bloggers were being nice to the new guy.

Here are a few highlights from my thankful list.

Femme Frugality commented on my post that it was her favorite from the week, and then tweeted a link with “Must Read.”  It made my day.

Pete from Doyouevenblog wrote a great post after Fincon 2017.  It prompted me to ask him a couple of questions.  Pete took a look at my site, and he gave some great advice to improve things.

I was curious about estimating the value of pension for net worth calculations.  I asked a question on the RockStar Forum.  My question got 39 responses from 18 different bloggers.  The replies required complex calculations, and some came with 300 word explanations.  You can’t beat free advice from lots of smart people.

Actuary on fire was one of those helpful RockStar Forum guys.  He recently wrote a “Valuing a Pension” post, follow-up post, and answered questions I stuck in his comment section.  AOF is actually an actuary, and I don’t know how much they charge per hour, but I’m certainly getting a deal on free advice.

Amy at Lifezemplified has added many comments over the last year.  One of her comments gave JumpStart Jill her cusrrent alias, and inspired me to change JumpStart Jr.’s name to JumpStart Jack.

Mel at Brokegirlrich consistently creates great posts, and also hosts Financially Savvy Saturdays. On Saturdays, all PF bloggers can share their stuff, and she has even been kind enough to feature a couple of my posts.

ChiefMomOfficer, Othalafehu, and I created our blogs about a year ago.  Liz and Otha contributed some of the first smart comments on my posts, have tweeted links to most of my posts, and helped support me throughout the last year.

I’ll stop there, with regret that I’ve left lots of people out today, but I appreciate all of you, and couldn’t do it without your help and support.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. Great tip Mr. Jump Start. I’ve really appreciated your support of the Handy Millennial. So at least in my corner of the web, you’ve been a great friend. I’ve only been blogging for a bit over 2 months, but this tip is spot on. In fact, I’ll go one further, the blogging community so far has been the one place in life where being nice actually counts for everything. My blog is getting a little more love lately and I am fairly confident that other bloggers have a lot to do with this. Your (and others) retweets have helped me reach a bigger audience. In turn I try to comment – especially on new posts. There is a weird thing about people not wanting to be the first. I don’t mind, and I will help out my blogging friends any day I can with a comment or a tweet.

  2. Just saw your post on my twitter feed. Thank you for writing such an inspirational post. I’ve only been blogging for about a month, so I appreciate your advice to new bloggers.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Thank Dash. I really liked your “Running with the dogs post.” Don’t see too many PF bloggers owning individual stocks.

  3. It was a really great post—I meant it!

    Congrats on one year, btw. That’s a big milestone. Other bloggers helped me out so much when I first started—and continue to do so. I think you’re doing well by tapping your community!

  4. This is awesome! I totally agree that it’s a collaborative community of support. I’ve felt so blessed by other bloggers for all of the same reasons.

    I love the idea of a gratitude journal. Thanks for the tip! Happy blogging!

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