The Biggest Bill I Ever Got.

The biggest bill I ever got arrived a couple days ago.

There have been some big monetary transactions in my past.  Large checks for down payments on cars and houses.  I’ve cycled tens of thousands of dollars through credit cards to earn rewards.  I’ve made large purchases at Lowes and Ideal Lumber during home renovations.

My personal record transaction is an $18,000 check I wrote when we purchased our Myrtle Beach Townhouse.

My previous huge transactions came with rewards.  I received house keys, car keys, or a massive delivery of lumber.  There was a concrete product with value that made me comfortable spending the money.

This 8243$ bill arrived at the beginning of August, and it felt different.

The record bill was from Radford University, and my son’s name was on the envelope instead of mine.

The $400 dollar deposit had hardly made a dent.

This $8243 bill covers housing, meals, cable, wifi, and an opportunity to earn 1/8 of an undergraduate degree.

A debate on the value of today’s college degrees is an interesting topic, that would yield a variety of answers, but that debate is not for today.   The value of a small fraction of a degree isn’t much of a debate, and this money will be spent.

It will only be 3 or 4 months before a second similar bill shows up.

Between my son JumpStart Jack and my daughter JS Jill, the postman will keep bringing these bills for the next 7 years.

I suppose it could have been much worse if JS Jack had chosen one of the more expensive schools like Tech or CNU.

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  1. Good luck to you as you go through this transition and expense, and good luck to your son as he heads off to college.

    • The price of college definitely needs to be weighed against the earning potential. There are certainly successful paths without college.

  2. Whooooo – that’s a stressfully large number to keep seeing. On the plus side, it’s much lower than I thought it would be for a semester of housing and tuition!

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