The to-do and future post list


The list

Some of these items are for me.  Some are for the kids.  Some will inevitably happen and give me something to write about in the future.  Some I need to think about.  I plan to cross some out when they happen.  Hopefully in the future, some of the crossed off items will be linked to blog posts.


Task:  Create better nicknames for family members.  The wife, the son, and the daughter just doesn’t cut it.  Go back and make substitutions.

Post idea:  Why is it so awkward to talk about money?

Post idea:  1st summer with a beach house.

Task:  Find out how enable comments after posts.

Task:  Find out how to track views.

Post idea:  Making the beach house profitable.

Task:  Son turn in applications.

Task:  Insert more pics into posts.  Actually worry about copyright law for the first time in my life.

Task:  Go public with the blog by word of mouth and by Facebook.

Post idea:  Reflection on financial packages from colleges after acceptance.

Post idea:  Tell a recap of:  Son turns 18.  Change son’s youth bank accounts to adult accounts.  Open new bank accounts for bonus?  Get 1st credit card.  (Probably no bonus.  Whatever he qualifies for.)  Open Credit Karma account.

Post idea:  Pay 2.75% convenience fee on my college tuition bill?  An extra 275$ on top of the original 10 grand.  Sounds great.  I’ll take it.  Thank you.

Post idea:  Should I let my kids graduate with some debt.

Posts idea:  Personal finances education.

Post idea:  My biggest home improvement fails lessons.

Post idea:  Tell a recap of:  3 months after son’s first credit card application.  Next credit card ap.  Credit score update.

Task: Earn enough 25k$ extra per year from the blog to pay for college.  (I can never remember if goals are supposed to be attainable or unattainable.)

Post idea:  The first tuition payment.

Task: Get my first troll.  That's how I'll know I am on the way to becoming a success.



The completed list

These items used to be on the left side of the page. Some are just completed. Some are now links.