What’s One More Kid?

I was driving with the kids to work/school yesterday morning listening to the radio.  The topic was a discussion about compromise in marriages concerning number of children.  I was sleep driving tired, and it wasn’t that interesting, so I was half listening.

A caller asked “After 3 boys, what’s 1 more?”  The DJ paused for a few seconds, possibly to get the caller off the line.  Then he quipped “4!  It is 4 kids not 3!”  The other DJ’s and interns all laughed, like it was hilarious.

Anyway, I beat the DJ to the punch, with my out loud answer “100 grand more!  It is 400 grand instead of 300 grand.”  Neither of my kids were awake enough to comprehend what I was suddenly talking about, and they might have half-smiled politely.

I’ve heard those estimates that claim it costs 250 grand to raise a baby until age 18 in America.  I don’t agree with that $250k estimate, and believe I spent way less on each of my children.  On the other hand, I do observe quite a few parents who are probably blasting over that $250k threshold.

My 100 grand answer did not take into account the 18 year, quarter million dollar estimate. Kids are expensive.  My daughter would like a new cell phone, and my son would like a car that was built after he was born.

Despite kid related expenses, budgeting and our dual teacher income has given us a very comfortable life, a nice house, and lots of vacation/travel time.  I don’t feel the kid related expenses have added too much pressure.

We’ve had decent money habits, and I never really obsessed about money until college was 2 years out.  That college bill is the biggest financial hurdle of my life.

When considering one more kid, Mrs. JumpStart pictures an adorable baby.  Some moms picture more laundry and carpooling, but I just think about an extra $100k college tuition tab.  And, tuition will be even bigger in 18 years.

It has been a busy week, and I barely had this 400 word post in me.  A student in the math honor society tricked talked me into a class project, involving a huge Rube Goldberg Machine, for our school’s open house.  All class time Mon and Tue was spent in the hall and stairwell building.

Between soccer practice and after school Rube construction, I worked a 13 hour day Mon.  Between soccer practice, Rube, and the school open house, I worked a 12 hour day Tue.  Last night was the longest road trip of the season for our soccer team, but I managed to get home before midnight.  I am really proud of my students and soccer team (5-0 win last night), but I am exhausted and so thankful for Spring Break in Fort Lauderdale, next week.

Obviously the picture has nothing to do with the 3+1=4 theme of this post.  The picture is one small section of the machine that our physics and math students built in 2 days.

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