Zagster Bike Share Questions Answered.

My previous post reviewed the new Zagster bike share program in Roanoke, and it ended with several questions.

RIDEsolutions reached out to help.  RIDEsolutions was instrumental in partnering with Zagster, Carillion, the Roanoke Coop, and many others to bring the bike share program to Roanoke.

Thanks to Amy from Zagster for responding by email.  The Zagster website is intended to sell their product to cities, not necessarily to help with my individual concerns, during Memorial Day weekend.

My biggest question answered.

Have you ever read something, and inserted a word that wasn’t there at all?  I read the bike share annual membership option as “1 hour ride per day”, but the word day isn’t anywhere in the graphic below.  I asked a question on the Zagster website, and in my blog post, but people on the other end just couldn’t get why I did not understand.  My bad. I blame end of year school year fatigue.

Yearly membership for 20$. Free trips under an hour.

You could unlock the bike, ride it 55 minutes.  Lock it to a Zagster rack. End the ride on the ap.  Unlock the bike.  Ride it another 55 minutes.  Lock it to a Zagster rack.  End ride on the ap.  And repeat all day for without incurring another fee.

After the yearly membership fee, all rides less than an hour are free.  Not a difficult concept, but for some reason, it just did not compute.

My other question.

Another concern of mine involves what happens if you need to check your bike into a full Zagster rack.

The procedure is:

  • Lock the bike securely near the rack.
  • End the ride on the ap.
  • Walk away.

There is only one potential problem that I see.  It is possible there could be no bikes to check out from a rack.  Ride Solutions does monitor and work to balance the bike allotment.

At Roanoke Memorial Hospital, on one occasion, there were only 2 bikes when we walked up.  However, a couple did show up returning their bikes, before we rode off.  As a bonus, it was their first ride, and I got to be appear smart, helping them with the locking procedure.

I have yet to see an empty bike rack.

Limited time.

The $20 membership is a special introductory half price deal, only valid until July 1.

I am excited about the ability to travel around Roanoke by bike cheaply and conveniently this summer. All of our personal bikes can just stay in Myrtle Beach.  I encourage my fellow Roanokers to sign up and support this program.

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